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  • For a natural approach, I love Coffee & C-Ex serums
  • For a safe, yet traditional scientific approach, Beautycounter’s anti-aging collection (you can also buy individually) is excellent
  • Don’t forget that FOOD matters!


FYI, when it comes to aging, I think that we only grow more gorgeous as we journey through life. We are all beautiful, and life experience just makes us more so.

When I say that premature aging makes me mad, what I’m really talking about is SKIN DAMAGE. The kind of damage that gets progressively worse over time.

Damaged skin is less healthy, and it’s more prone to further damage. That makes me mad.

Whether that damage is a result of unknowingly using damaging, stripping skincare products OR the result of careless sun exposure or the wrong sun protection when we were young (interesting note: certain types of sun protection can actually make skin damage worse – check out my book Eat the Yolks for a detailed explanation); it stinks.

And unfortunately, it often takes some very targeted skincare as well as other nourishing strategies to turn back the clock.

First of all, we need skincare products that work.

For a long time, I’ve been singing the praises of Primal Life Organics. Their products are based around NATURAL oils and extracts, no irritating synthetics, and no weird gunk. I’ve actually collaborated with them on a vitamin C serum called C-Ex that has gotten amazing reviews.

Recently, I also discovered that their coffee bean serum is INCREDIBLY incredible – so much so, that they put together a “revival package” based on the coffee bean serum and C-Ex!

I use this combo every day: Coffee in the morning, and C-Ex at night.

The coffee bean serum helps boost circulation, giving skin a healthier glow; the C-Ex adds softness and fights damage with nourishing oils. (All you need is about three drops of each.)


coffee serum and cex photo


Now, I recognize that many people either want to combine a few natural approaches (like the above) with a more conventional skincare approach; OR simply aren’t interested in a natural approach at all. I get it.

See, I learned from many years of using my Nutritional Therapy practice to help people improve their skin that sometimes, my clients just didn’t want to use oils and apple cider vinegar and clay and baking soda and what my husband affectionately calls “Birkenstock skincare.”

But since I firmly believe that what we put ON our skin should be as clean and crap-free and safe as what we eat, I think we can all agree that using safe AND effective products are the key when it comes to anti-aging skincare.

I’ve been talking about Beautycounter a lot lately, and for good reason: they’re the line I wanted to design myself.

In looking for a perfect balance of science, natural active ingredients, and effectiveness for my clients, I decided that I would be the one to create it for them!

I wanted to design a line using ingredients that were both well-studied, effective and safe – knowing that SCIENCE can add that extra boost to our favorite powerful natural actives.

Well, life got in the way – we moved, bought a farm, had a baby, yadda yadda…and in the interim, Beautycounter beat me to it! (And, let’s be honest, probably did a better job than I ever could have – their founders are super experienced professionals in the makeup and science realm.)

Safety AND effectiveness are what matter most to me, and it’s what matters most to Beautycounter as well. They only use ingredients that have been tested for safety (because not all non-natural ingredients are “bad.”)

For that reason, I’ve added Beautycounter to my list of recommendations, including their anti-aging line.

It gets rave reviews from my anti-aging skincare expert – my mom!

My mom isn’t a product junkie, so it’s not easy to convince her to try new things.

But she knows I’m obsessed with ingredients like

  • vitamin C,
  • calendula,
  • ginger root,
  • sweet almond oil,
  • algae extracts (celebrities LOVE their marine extracts) and
  • circulation-boosting caffeine.

So, when I tell her to try something, she tries it.

(And when I tell her to become a Beautycounter Consultant because she’ll actually WANT to use the products, she does that too! Love you, mom!)

Of the entire Beautycounter anti-aging collection, the toner pads top her list due to:

  • The fruit acids (I LOVE fruit acids!), which help sticky skin cells exfoliate naturally, without harsh scrubbing;
  • The vitamin C based antioxidant, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines;
  • The marine extract (an ingredient I have always loved and found massively anti-inflammatory), which helps even skin tone

Even better? Beautycounter has clinically tested their line for effectiveness. You can find the results on each product’s page.

You can look at the rest of the products in the full anti-aging collection here. (All items can be bought individually, too.)

The final anti-aging key: Nutrition!

And since we can’t forget that our skin renews itself using the nutrients we eat, too, it’s often true that what we eat (or, more importantly, what we DON’T eat) impacts our skin even more than what we use topically.

Here are a few things I’ve done to improve my skin from the inside:

  • I eliminated use of all common industrial vegetable oils, which likely contribute to skin aging by increasing inflammation, making the skin weaker and more vulnerable.
  • I stopped eating all processed and refined grains – think most bread, pasta, pastries, etc. (I will have a bit of well-made, often Einkorn grain or Spelt-based bread or pasta now and then, though. Quality is key.)
  • I eat coconut oil, ghee, and real butter for the more stable fatty acids that make my skin more supple.
  • I drink warm lemon water with freshly grated ginger (sometimes with added collagen peptides) to make my skin glow
  • I eat the WHOLE EGG – yup, the whole yolk too – because yolks have vitamin A, which the skin needs to renew itself
  • I supplement with Magnesium Taurate and Concentrace trace mineral drops to ensure my skin cells’ motors keep running at youthful speed (wink, wink!)

Thanks for reading!

-Liz (& my mom!)