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Many folks have unexplained skin sensitivity. They may suffer from acne-like rashes, skin irritation, contact dermatitis, or eczema – and they don’t know why.


Sometimes, the answer is hidden in your laundry room!

Several weeks ago I talked about a natural alternative to harsh laundry detergents. I promised I’d talk about an equally awesome alternative to dryer sheets – so here we go!

It’s WOOL! (Wool dryer balls, specifically.)

We’re all familiar with wool – or, at least, we think we are. Many of us have suffered through winters in itchy wool sweaters, often reeking of moth balls. We know wool comes from sheep (although it also comes from other super-cool animals, like alpaca) and we know that Scotland is full of the stuff. (How cute are men in woolen kilts, right? …Anyone?)

But the awesome fact is, wool is a versatile, amazing, super-safe, non-toxic material – whether we’re talking clothing (there’s LOTS of non-itchy, non-moth-ball smelly options out there), bedding (it regulates temperature beautifully), or wool dryer balls!

Wool dryer balls are tennis-ball-sized, laundry-loving miracles. They are natural, non-toxic, and they WORK!


Wool dryer balls are amazing little laundry buddies that soften clothes, reduce static, AND reduce drying time by absorbing moisture and creating space between articles of clothing for warm air to circulate.

100% wool dryer balls can last years (I use these). Depending on your climate, your clothes, and the quirks of your clothing, you may want to use between one and six per load. Don’t worry – they are re-usable, and they last for years; which means no more throwing away plastic fabric softener bottles or dryer sheet after dryer sheet. (Talk about waste!)

And the best part? No crazy, unnecessary, skin-irritating chemicals like the ones found in fabric softener and dryer sheets. Just natural wool.

Do you use wool dryer balls? What about other laundry alternatives? Hop over to the Facebook page and tell me about it!

Okay, fabric softener isn't poison...but you get the idea!

Okay, fabric softener isn’t poison…but you get the idea!


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