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Rose Water Mist 2

Happy Saturday, natural skincare lovers!

Arsy here again from Rubies & Radishes, you might remember me from such posts as DIY Dry Shampoo or 3 Holiday-Perfect Skincare Recipes!

If you haven’t noticed yet, DIY-ing is my jam! I love mixing up concoctions for everything from sunblock to bug repellent. I’ve been working on perfecting my Rosewater Face Mist since last summer. I am in love with my latest formula. It’s hydrating, refreshing and smells incredible!

It’s perfect for a little extra hydration while you travel (don’t know about you, but that plane travel totally dries me out!), or you can use it to freshen up while you lounge poolside. I found it really refreshing to have in my purse at all times during my recent trip to Mexico.

You can even treat yourself to a quick spray after you’ve applied make-up, to help your make-up set better.

I recommend seeking out organic rosewater for this recipe, as roses tend to be high in pesticide exposure.


Hydrating Rosewater Face Mist

4 ounce glass spray bottle
Small funnel


1 teaspoon pure aloe vera
½ teaspoon vegetable glycerin
1 teaspoon jojoba oil
3 drops vitamin E oil
2 drops Geranium Essential Oil
2 drops Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
3 tablespoons Rose water
Distilled water

Using the funnel, add the aloe vera, glycerin, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils and rose water to the glass spray bottle. Then add the distilled water. Allow it to sit for 24 hours, so the ingredients can effectively combine. Spray on face, as needed.

**Note: These recipes were developed using Young Living Essential Oils, which Liz also uses and recommends. In my experience, store bought oils are not as potent, so you may need to increase the drops to 4 to 5 drops of each essential oil or until the scent is right for you.



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