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Submitting a Question

How can I submit a question?

Just click on the “Ask” page above, and submit your question!

How long does it take to get an answer?

I strive to answer every question within a reasonable amount of time. However, I may NOT answer each question in detail via private e-mail. Why? Because your question might help others, and building a database of great questions and answers is the BEST way to help as many people as possible. When you ask a question, you will be notified as to whether it will be answered on this page. If your question has already been answered, you will be referred to this page for help. The Skintervention Guide was created to do what I can’t: help as many people as possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an affordable and easily-accessible way.

Questions on Oils for Skin Care

What if my skin breaks out when I start using oil?

Some people react intensely to oils – creating a “detox effect” that is only temporary. It’s up to you if you want to continue, or step back and take the transition to oil-based cleansing and moisturizing more slowly. Some people react most intensely to coconut oil, which tends to have the greatest “detox effect.” If this is a concern for you, I would tell you to begin with jojoba oil as a moisturizer as you transition from your prior skin care routine – it’s extremely gentle, and nearly everyone reacts well to it! Then you can move slowly to totally oil-based cleansing. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that your oils are of the highest quality – oils with toxic contaminants can irritate the skin. Types of oils and brands I trust are listed in the Skintervention Guide.

What is the adjustment period for oil cleansing?

For many, there is no adjustment period. For others, it can take from one to three weeks.

Questions on Natural Hair Care

What is the adjustment period for the No 'Poo routine?

For many, there is no adjustment period. For others, it can take from one to three weeks. Refer to the Skintervention Guide for information on troubleshooting common challenges to the No “Poo routine.