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In a previous post, I discussed one of my favorite skin-care super-foods, homemade bone broth.

Today, I’m going to tell you about ANOTHER amazing way to nourish your skin. It’s one of the most simple, quick, easy, DELICIOUS ways to clear and brighten your complexion, and it’s just ONE of several highly effective skin-care teas and beverages I recommend in the full Purely Primal Skincare Guide.

I’m talking about starting the day with a nice, warm mug of Ginger-Lemon Morning Tonic.

This yummy, simple tonic takes just a few minutes to prepare, and the benefits are amazing!

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Why do I recommend starting the day with this tonic? Because it jump-starts a chain reaction that impacts the skin in several ways. First thing in the morning, your entire body is like a blank slate. This tonic sets the stage for detoxification, good digestion, and a healthy mind-set for the rest of the day – all of which impact the quality of your skin.

After consistently adding this to your morning routine, you’ll notice a brighter, more even complexion.

*note: do not use this tonic if you are intolerant to any of the ingredients listed. ALL Teas and tonics, whether used for skincare or otherwise, should be rotated in and out of the diet intermittently (4-6 weeks of use, followed by a “break!”)

Ginger-Lemon Morning Tonic: Ingredients

Fresh Ginger: this wonderful root has been highly valued for thousands of years for its health-promoting qualities. It’s full of anti-aging anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, minerals, and skin-brightening elements that can be of special benefit to those with rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, or an uneven complexion.

Fresh Lemon Juice: this nutrient-rich juice is full of a spectrum of anti-oxidants. While vitamin C is well-known, it’s best to get nutrients like this from a whole food source rather than through a supplement, because the whole food comes with OTHER amazing complementary compounds, like bio-flavonoids, that intensify its health benefits. Fresh lemon juice is the perfect way to get ALL these nutrients! Its mild acidity promotes good digestion and detoxification by supporting the stomach, the liver, AND the gall-bladder, which directly supports beautiful, clear skin.

Warm, clean water: this soothes, hydrates, and nourishes. Plain and simple.

How to make it: Simply grate approximately 1/4 tsp. of fresh whole ginger (or frozen whole ginger) into a mug using a microplane grater. Pour warm water over the ginger and allow it to steep for several minutes. Add the juice from a full, fresh lemon (it must be whole and freshly-cut to preserve nutrients – lemons lose nutrient content rapidly upon cutting).

I use this citrus juicer to extract every last bit of lemon juice.

Enjoy this Ginger-Lemon Morning Tonic as often as you can – and enjoy the benefits of nourishing your body AND your skin naturally! For more skin care beverages, teas, super-foods and strategies, check out the full Purely Primal Skincare Guide.

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