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Hey, guys! Amanda here!

You know me as Liz’s Communications Director! I’m the gal answering your emails, posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and pinning on Pinterest.

But I haven’t always been where I am today in terms of my skin care regimen. In fact, it has taken me a LONG time to get to where I am!

Let’s start from the beginning!

I didn’t have an acne problem in my teen years. For a long time, I thought I got off lucky. I had beautiful, glowing skin. But that changed when I hit my early 20’s – I started breaking out like crazy. Hello, acne! It was embarrassing and frankly just inconvenient!

That led me to the nearest dermatologist, where I was prescribed a variety of different creams (containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid), topical antibiotics, and spironolactone (a potassium-sparing diuretic). But Guess what? Nothing worked. In fact, things got worse. Much worse. My skin was red and itchy all the time, along with frequent bouts of cystic acne. After visiting multiple dermatologists, I was convinced they could do nothing more for me. So I gave up. I then tried every lotion, miracle in a bottle, conventional, over-the-counter, chemical-laden product I could find. You name it, I tried it. But guess what? Nothing worked. By this time I was pushing the big 3-0. My skin was really bad.

Let me tell you a bit more about my background!

Working for Liz isn’t my only gig. I also work at US Wellness Meats. It’s a great place to work. I get to interact with a ton of amazing people on a daily basis, people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: the belief in properly-raised, REAL, nutritious food. People that have really helped me to understand the incredible healing power of food. That’s what initially turned me on to the paleo lifestyle. At the time I was fairly new to USWM, and I was just beginning to truly understand the importance of eating healthy. But eating what I thought was healthy at the time did not entirely heal my skin. I had yet to really pinpoint the foods my skin was craving, and the foods I needed to ditch for good.  Furthermore, I had yet to truly understand the gut/brain/skin connection.

That’s right about the time the Purely Primal Skincare Guide was released. I was intrigued, so I bought it for myself. (In hindsight, that’s the best decision I ever made for my skin.)

Turns out there was a lot I didn’t know about nutrition, digestion and skin & body health.

Once I started implementing the guidelines set forth in the Skintervention Guide I noticed BIG changes.

(See below: changes one month into my Skintervention)


The results: my skin started clearing up, and the acne scars gradually started to fade. The Keratosis Pilaris (or “chicken skin”) on my arms started improving.

I was learning how to heal my skin from the inside out! I was eating more super-foods: bone broth, gelatin, organ meats. I cut out trigger foods that irritated my skin. I implemented a supplement protocol – fermented cod liver oil and probiotics.

I ditched all the chemical-laden skin care products! I started reading labels on everything!

The old me – who once thought someone would have to be crazy to use oils for facial cleansing – was now raving about the oil cleansing method. I switched to an all-natural, Skintervention-approved routine. I was finally feeling good about what I was putting on my skin knowing it was nourishing my skin.

My Purely Primal intervention sparked a passion for all-natural skin care products and remedies, which is why I started working for Liz. I know what I put on my body matters. Just as it matters what food I put into my body, and how my body digests that food.

That’s how I got to where I am! I wouldn’t be here with Liz (and you guys!) if I didn’t 100% believe in what we’re doing. I wouldn’t have shared my story if I didn’t believe that the Skintervention Guide can benefit each and every one of you, just as it did me!

I don’t have many before-and-after pictures, because I tried really hard to avoid the “before” pictures. Sorry, folks. But I do have a recent professional picture of me. Here I am over a year after my Purely Primal intervention.


So that’s my story in a nutshell! That’s what led me to Liz & the Purely Primal Skincare Guide…and ultimately to this community!

I look forward to many more adventures with all of you!

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned to the blog for an upcoming post detailing my skin care routine nowadays!

In good health & good skin,