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The majority of today’s conventional cosmetics contain toxic chemicals. In the hunt to find safe alternatives, we stumbled upon Araza Natural Beauty.

As a self-proclaimed makeup lover, founder Lindsey Diamond made it her mission to create safe makeup and skincare alternatives. Thus Araza Natural Beauty was born. All Araza products are handmade in small batches with only natural ingredients – and they’re certified Paleo.

Lindsey was kind enough to sit down with us to tell us a little bit more about her personal routine and the inspiration behind Araza Natural Beauty.

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Q: What inspired your Araza Natural Beauty line of products?

I started Araza Natural Beauty because I want to help women embrace their natural beauty and live inspired and healthy lives.  With a background in personal training and health coaching, as well as having a personal laundry list of food allergies, I see and feel the astounding improvement in my health, as well as my clients’, when the focus shifted to eating whole, unprocessed foods. I believe the same principles should apply to beauty products.

As a self proclaimed makeup lover, I was shocked to learn how the beauty industry is unregulated and allows companies to make products with terrible hormone disrupting ingredients. I wanted a product line made from extremely clean ingredients, yet was still high-performing. Since your skin absorbs such a large percentage of what you put on it, why shouldn’t we feed it natural, nourishing ingredients?

Q: What is your favorite thing about your all natural foundation?

Our 7-1 Coconut Creme Foundation is one of my absolute favorites. I feel like I am not wearing makeup, yet my skin looks amazing. It is so lightweight but still provides full coverage. It is 99% Certified Organic and made from an organic coconut oil extract base. We then infuse anti-aging argan oil, antioxidant rich green tea and skin-healing rosehip oil. The ingredients are so clean you could literally eat it.

The other day I received a message from a customer who said she was washing her face and could not stop smiling. Since using the creme foundation, her skin had started healing from acne scarring and she no longer gets the terrible breakouts that she once did. My sister also had a similar experience. She is highly sensitive to wheat gluten, preservatives, and artificial colorants – and has to be extremely careful of anything that she uses. Since switching to Araza’s ultra clean beauty products, her skin no longer breaks out in rashes and she has peace of mind that they are all gluten free.

get constant rave reviews from customers on how much it has healed and nourished their acne prone or problematic skin. I love being able to help someone in ways that gives them more confidence.

Q: Give us an example of your personal routine using Araza makeup products.


Most days it’s super simple! On a clean face, I apply Araza’s Certified Paleo 7-1 Coconut Creme Foundation over my entire face, even my lids (makes a great eye-shadow primer). You could use our full coverage foundation brush but I simply use my fingers.

Then I set the foundation with our Paleo Certified Organic Arrowroot & Natural Clay Finishing Powder. This helps to banish any shine and set the foundation for the day!

Next I take Araza’s Paleo Certified Green Tea Creme Concealer/ Highlighter in a shade lighter than my foundation and dab under my eyes. This product is great and helps to make my eyes look brighter and more awake. It is essentially a thicker version of the foundation and is packed with skin loving ingredients.


Then, I will swoop a little Natural Sunshine Contouring Bronzer in Sunkissed on my cheeks, hairline, and chin to give a little life to things.

Eyes & Lips:

Next, I sweep a bit of Raspberry & Citrus infused Eyecolor in leather or Rose Gold on the top of my lids and on my lower lashline as an eyeliner. I fill in my brows with the color Suede. Last, I give a quick coat of natural mascara and our Paleo Certified Coconut Lip Gloss and I am out the door. Takes me less than 2 minutes.

Of course I sometimes feel like doing a glam look, and to me, that’s all about layering and having fun with different colors. If I want a super full coverage look, I set our Jojoba Mineral Powder on top of the Coconut Creme Foundation.

Q: Any tips for picking the right foundation color for skin tone?

We have a helpful foundation color guide on the website that walks you through picking the right shade for your skin-type. You can also email us at service (at) with a picture of yourself and we can assist you in picking the right shade. I encourage customers to order Sample Kits so you can try several shades of foundation to ensure you are picking the correct color.


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