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The Purely Primal Skincare Guide isn’t just about skin care. It’s about whole-body care. And that includes not just what you put on your skin, but what you put on the things that touch your skin!

That means: your LAUNDRY SOAP!

When it comes to how we wash our clothes, many of us are on auto-pilot. We grab some detergent from the store – whether it’s the brand our parents or grandparents always used, the one with the softest-looking picture on the front, or the one we think smells best.

But what’s lurking in these products? If the long warning label is any indication, they’re not as safe as we think they are.

An independent study (link here) testing for “hidden” ingredients in some of the major brands revealed a few scary facts:

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Here’s the reality: even the so-called “natural” products can hide potentially irritating ingredients and unnecessary chemicals.

One of the most common issues I find with the folks I work with is long-term, unexplained skin sensitivity. Whether itchy, rash-filled, or simply over-sensitive, their skin just doesn’t seem to want to “behave.” Some men have a constant itch under their collars, and some women a rash on their shoulders and back. And that is NOT fun!

Often, just switching to a natural laundry detergent fixes the problem!

What does that tell us? It tells us that WHAT WE WASH OUR CLOTHES IN MATTERS! Not only that, but switching to a natural, completely bio-degradable alternative also saves a great strain on the environment.

One of my absolute favorite laundry “soaps” is so totally natural, it requires no processing, packaging, or complex industrial process to create it. I’m talking about soap nuts!

Soap nuts, also known as wash nuts, originate in the Himalayas (make sure your soap nuts are sourced there, with the scientific name Sapindus Mukorossi, for quality assurance).

The fruit of this unique tree is harvested and the shells are separated from the nuts. Then, the nuts are allowed to dry. That’s how they become “soap nuts” – it’s as simple and natural as that!


The shells of these wild-growing “nuts” contain natural saponins. That’s the word we derive “soap” from! There’s a reason for this: saponins act just like soap. While you might not see lots of suds when you use soap nuts, remember: suds are actually an “enhancement” that often require industrial compounds like Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and too many suds can actually dry your skin. You can be sure of the cleaning action from soap nuts, even without suds. Why? Because the natural surfactants in soap nuts are working away!

Surfactants allow oil and water to mix, which is what gives ANY detergent its cleansing action. Saponins are NATURAL surfactants, and don’t require any harsh, irritating, potentially dangerous or unnecessary chemicals in order to cleanse, remove odors, and brighten clothes.

All you need to do to wash with soap nuts is add a few to a small cloth satchel (which usually comes along with soap nuts) and toss them in with your laundry! I’ve got a load going right now.

The saponins in soap nuts are released by warm water, so if you prefer to use cold water for washing, just steep the bag in hot water for a few minutes before adding both bag and water to your laundry load. The hot water will release the saponins!

Soap nuts are bio-degradable, natural, free of unnecessary and irritating chemicals, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and affordable! Does it get better than that?

Brand I use: Naturoli Soap Nuts


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