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I am THRILLED to announce that my new product partnership is nearly complete!

I’ve collaborated with Trina, the genius behind Primal Life Organics, to create an incredibly rich, highly concentrated, nutrient-filled serum that combines the most potent oils on the planet to nourish, renew, and revive the skin.

It’s our NEW¬†vitamin C serum, and it’s called….C-ex!

serum collage

And we’re giving away 3 FULL BOTTLES (plus a few other goodies!) to THREE lucky winners….before you can buy it!

That’s right – you can be the first to experience our NEW product – before it’s available for purchase!

Why do we call it C-ex? Because it’s a vitamin C serum, utilizing the world’s most vitamin C rich oils, and vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that brings life back to the skin – “ex-ing” out damage and deterioration. We took the best nature has to offer the skin and put it in C-ex!

It’s truly a product of the highest quality – we combined the best, most nourishing, most rare oils possible for this product.

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