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This post originally appeared at Don’t Mess with Mama. It was so popular there, we wanted to share it with our Purely Primal friends!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been using harsh toners on my skin. Most contained alcohol, salicylic acid and a number of other additives, perfumes, artificial colors, etc. I thought they were working, but in the end they were just causing more redness, dryness and inflammation on my skin.

Just check out the label for a toner I used to use. It was supposed to help my acne and keep my skin’s pH level in balance. But do you see all the ingredients? I can’t even pronounce much of it, plus there’s artificial dyes in it too. This is definitely NOT something I want on my skin anymore.

Then, I learned about apple cider vinegar (ACV). It is absolutely AH-MAZING. It can be used for everything – from cooking (salad dressing anyone?) to a digestion aid (I have a teaspoon every morning) to a facial toner. Yes, a DIY facial toner. I really love it and will never go back to store-bought toners with harsh chemicals because ACV is so much more effective and a LOT cheaper. A 32-oz bottle of apple cider vinegar (raw and unfiltered) is under $5  on Amazon. That’s a bargain compared to what I used to pay for high-end toners. Although ACV is acidic, it actually helps to regulate the pH balance of the skin. It’s an excellent toner and can be used for all skin types. It’s also antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties. For oily and acne-prone skin, ACV helps to treat acne and reduce redness. For dry and normal skin, ACV helps to exfoliate skin and reduce wrinkles.

Bottle with essential oil placed on a natural linen fabric.

DIY Facial Toner


Equipment & Tools


  1. For normal to dry skin, mix 1/3 part vinegar to 2/3 part filtered water. Add a few drops (I add 5-10 drops per 2 oz. of toner mixture) of lavender or frankincense oils.
  2. For oily and acne-prone skin, mix 1/2 part vinegar and 1/2 part filtered water. Add a few drops (I add 5-10 drops per 2 oz. of toner mixture) of lavender or frankincense oils.
  3. Store in a glass bottle at room temperature.
  4. Use toner twice a day – first thing in the morning and right before bed.


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