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I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of dry brushing, but have you tried it yet?

Not only is it a simple and effective way to gently massage and exfoliate your body, but there are many health benefits associated with dry brushing as well. The Purely Primal Skincare Guide discusses dry brushing in the Body & Skin Care section, but we still get a lot of questions about dry brushing, so we compiled a special post to help answer some FAQs.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing focuses on daily rejuvenation and renewal at the cellular level by working to stimulate circulation – a key way we keep healthy lymph flow. Most of us don’t move as much as our ancestors did, so any means by which we can keep our circulation stimulated is fabulous!

Healthy circulation can have down-stream benefits from improved immunity to a healthier skin glow.

Why should you dry brush?

There are many benefits of dry brushing:

ss123– Gently removes dead skin cells

– Stimulates new cell growth

– Enhances blood circulation

– Reduces the appearance of cellulite (be patient – this takes time, and the effect is greatly enhanced by the nutrition and digestive tips in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide!)

– Stimulation from dry-brushing tightens the skin to reduce the signs of premature aging

Additional benefits of improved circulation:

– Aids in digestion

– Improves kidney function

– Eliminates toxins

What’s the proper technique?

Always brush from the outer extremities (hands, feet) toward the heart. Begin at your feet and use upward strokes in a circular motion. Then gently dry brush from your fingers to your torso and upwards on the torso. Your skin may look slightly pink when you’re done. That’s normal, as circulation in your body is increasing.


What brush should you use?

There are many options available. You can find them at most health food stores. Choose one that says it’s specifically for dry body brushing. You’ll want to choose a natural-bristle (not synthetic) brush. This Kingsley brush* is affordable and excellent for beginner dry-brushers. Experienced dry-brushers often work their way up to a firmer-bristled brush, like the Bernard Jensen* brush.

How often should you brush?

We recommend a daily dry brush – morning or night. You can even do it twice a day. It’s best done before a warm shower. (Remember, dry brushing brushes are NOT made for wet use, so don’t try to save time by brushing in the shower!)

How long should it take?

It should take 5-10 minutes to dry brush your entire body.

How should you clean your brush?

To clean your brush, spritz with a probiotic cleanser or use a solution of water and tea tree oil.*

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Thanks for reading – here’s to another fun-filled week of skin care adventures!