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When the cold sets in, does your skin start looking like…this?


Mine does, and here’s why: the moisture that’s in the air during the spring, summer, and even into the fall goes into hiding in the colder months. The air is dry, and so am I.

Our skin needs both water and oil to remain nourished and hydrated. When the water is gone, the skin feels zapped.

Thanks to this zapping of moisture in the air, our skin begins to “give up” moisture. It literally evaporates from our skin, stolen into the moisture-less abyss of winter air. And we start to feel like pieces of parched, poorly-oiled leather.

Most of the lotions marketed for dry, cracked skin relief contain petroleum by-products, unnecessary chemicals, and even alcohol – which may enhance absorption of the product, but can end up drying out your skin eve MORE later! (Meaning you use – and buy – MORE of the same ineffective product)

We don’t need that junk. We CAN hydrate our skin naturally. The solution to winter skin isn’t a suite of unnecessary chemicals. It’s a set of 3 key actions that will help you keep moisture in your skin, all winter long.

These 3 actions take care of the outer environment, the inner landscape, AND locking moisture in at the surface of the skin.

#1: Get a humidifier.

Get a humidifier. Get a humidifier. Did I mention get a humidifier? (See this affiliate link for the humidifier I use.)

I keep a humidifier running in our bedroom through the night, and a smaller one in my office environment. They’re affordable, and they keep moisture in the air so that your skin isn’t giving it up all day.

For many people, using a humidifier is half the battle!

#2: Stay hydrated from the inside.

Drink water. Drink broth. Drink ginger-lemon tonic. Drink anti-oxidant teas. Drink wine (okay, maybe not wine)

In the winter, when the days are shorter, many of us find ourselves drinking more coffee and caffeine-laden drinks to keep us running through the days when the sun isn’t cooperating with our schedule. We sweat less thanks to the cold weather, so we often forget to hydrate, even though we’re still losing water to the environment through our skin.

While it’s SORT OF a myth that caffeine dehydrates you (you’d need to drink about 8 to 12 cups of coffee each day to become dehydrated thanks to coffee alone) it IS true that coffee ends up replacing other nutrient-dense, hydrating, nourishing beverages that help the skin look and feel bright and hydrated.

Bone broth contains the minerals we need to maintain electrolytic balance, which keeps water balanced at a cellular level. It also contains gelatin, which supports healthy skin and collagen. Ginger-lemon tonight has a brightening, clarifying effect on the skin, and the vitamin C from the lemon juice is a co-factor for building collagen.

#3 Use a mild, neutral skin care product – like tallow or lanolin.

Animal products are generally the MOST neutral and LEAST reactive for human skin. Tallow is incredible for skin care, and it helps nourish the cells and retain hydration in the skin. You can render tallow at home, or you can order from Vintage Tradition.

Lanolin, which is derived from wool, is also a spectacular ointment for dry, chapped skin. (Check out my affiliate link for the lanolin brand I recommend.)

Other good moisture-locking oils and treatments: shea nut oil available from this site (for those without shea or latex sensitivity), and Egyptian Magic skin treatment (see my affiliate link for Egyptian Magic.)

Remember, ALWAYS spot-test new skin products to be sure your skin reacts well to them.

What other strategies do you use to keep your skin hydrated through the winter? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!