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Happy Skincare Saturday!

Last week was the big Kansas City area Eat the Yolks signing and chat with Liz!

It was a SOLD OUT event hosted by Coach Rut of Bootcamp Fitness, which is where Liz’s paleo journey began!


It was a packed house!

The event kicked off with a Q&A! Attendees had the option to submit questions beforehand.

My favorite question: “How do you stay so cool?” Hehe.


A few natural skincare questions came up in the mix.

Question: What are your top 2 skin health concentrated superfoods? (Liz’s answer below!)

#1: Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a concentrated superfood. The only brand we recommend is Green Pastures.  They are the only company in the US that produces FCLO/Butter Oil traditionally, in keeping with the recommendations of Weston A. Price. We like the BLUE ICE Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend, which can be found on Green Pastures’ website, Dr. Ron’s website, or Amazon. It’s amazing because it’s a concentrated source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2. These are vital for skin and bone health, immune health, and likely cardiovascular health.

(Note: Fermented Cod Liver Oils may not be appropriate for individuals with salicylate sensitivity. We are searching for a quality non-fermented Cod Liver Oil and will update as information is available.)

We also love their Beauty Balm! They have combined their FCLO with shea butter, butter oil, coconut oil, and cranberry essential oil to make an only slightly off-smelling skincare work of absolute genius.

#2: Desiccated Organ Grandulars

Desiccated Grandular pills are available via Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure. The only brand we recommend is Dr. Ron’s. They are made from grassfed New Zealand animals. They are freeze-dried powder concentrates with the nutrients found in grassfed organs and glands. They do not contain any added binders or fillers.

Liver is an organ meat, which is an amazing source of CoQ10, folate, and Vitamin A. All of these nutrients are vital for healthy skin!

(For more superfood recommendations for skin health, be sure to check out the Purely Primal Skincare Guide.)

Speaking of skincare, here’s the Purely Primal Skincare Team- Liz & Amanda! (Nice to meet you guys!)


Also in attendance was our gal pal Phoebe of Dragonfly Traditions! She dropped off some skincare goodies. You may remember her from the blog feature and giveaway we hosted last month!

We highly recommend all of Dragonfly Traditions’ products. Go check out their website!


We’re so glad you all came out to support Liz & Eat the Yolks!

Thanks for stopping by!