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Are you struggling with psoriasis or a similar skin condition? If so, we encourage you to read Molly’s story! For 15 years Molly struggled with severe psoriasis. She tried every conventional product on the market, which only exacerbated her pre-existing skin condition. After adapting a more natural approach as outlined in the Purely Primal Skincare, Molly was able to take control of her skin by changing her diet and her routine – healing her skin from the inside out! Thanks for sharing your story, Molly! -Amanda


Since 2005, I’ve struggled with a skin condition known as psoriasis. It started as little, red spots on my face, chest and back. The spots itched as they grew and grew. My skin quickly turned into a rash-covered mess.

As a 12 year old, clueless of what it could be, I sought help from the medical profession. To combat the severity of the rash, I tried everything the doctors prescribed. I tried creams, foams, pills, bath salts, sprays, lotions, and combinations of all of these. Nothing helped. In fact, it only made it worse.

Years went on and I struggled to hide the inflammation. I realized that the issue was more than skin deep. It started in my gut. There was no doubt about it, but I was still left with more questions than I had answers.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I discovered Liz Wolfe and her Purely Primal Skincare Guide — a guide that truly helped me change my skin, change my body, and change my life in the most natural ways.


Her guide is so easy to read and it provided me with AWESOME information that confirmed what I was finding out concerning psoriasis. She provided answers to all of my many questions.

In January of 2013, I slowly began changing my routines and incorporating more and more of Liz’s tips. I changed my diet dramatically. I cut out all gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. I ate way more vegetables than I ever have.

Additionally, I started eliminating harmful chemicals in the form of deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face wash, etc. I took Liz’s advice and started using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair. It has never felt so healthy. I use coconut and olive oil to cleanse my face. My face has never looked so clear; it actually glows. I use coconut oil and baking soda as deodorant, and I use coconut oil and essential oils as lotions. It’s so simple and natural and gets AMAZING results.

In March of 2013, I went full-blown Paleo (You can read a great deal of information on this diet in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide). I will NEVER go back to eating the way I used to. My psoriasis has never been as minimal as it is now. After only 1 month of Paleo diet and hygiene, my red, itchy, nasty, flaky rash was completely gone.

I know how important maintaining this kind of lifestyle is to me, because if I “cheat” just a little bit in any area, a psoriasis spot will appear. This just proves to me that Liz is right!!! What you put into your body and what you put on your body really matter!

I am so happy to have found such a valuable resource in Liz Wolfe’s Purely Primal Skincare Guide. It has truly been a lifesaver!

My skin looks better than it ever has! I feel better than I ever have! I know what it is to look and feel healthy. I will never go back.