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{Fix your skin. Naturally!}

We love hearing your success stories! We’re sharing Mindi’s story today. After adapting a more natural approach as outlined in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide, Mindi was able to take control of her skin by changing her diet and her routine – healing her skin from the inside out!


I purchased the Purely Primal Skincare Guide about a year ago to repair my dry skin after living at high altitude with an almost non-existent skincare routine. I read the book from cover-to-cover within a week and immediately began incorporating the practices. I appreciated the comprehensive information to adjust and personalize the routine for all types of skin issues with ways to adapt the products used–no matter what your self-care budget or your schedule. Minimalist or maximalist – Liz gives you the guidelines for each!

Anti-aging and dryness were my primary goals. I began following the oil cleansing method with a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil. I replaced my Maybelline eye makeup remover with coconut oil (it works BETTER!) I created a simple toner with brewed tea, apple cider vinegar and calendula hydrosol. Put it in a spray bottle — and it lasts for months! Then, I use a moisturizer, making sure I address the areas around the eyes. I switch it up each day – emu oil, tamanu oil or Primal Life Organics Infiniti Moisturizer.

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After following this simple routine for almost a year, I decided to treat myself to a facial and get feedback on the health of my skin from an esthetician. Suffice it to say, she couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing makeup when I arrived. During the treatment, she raved about the softness of my skin and that she hadn’t seen such beautiful, glowing skin. She began asking me about my diet and what I ate to get such radiant skin. Simple Answer: Real Food. I left the appointment thinking, “OMG – Liz’s program REALLY works!”

I’m now stepping up my routine to include regular DIY spa days with non-toxic products. Thanks, Liz!!

– Mindi