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My book, Eat the Yolks, is FINALLY here! (And even before its release, it’s an Amazon Best-Seller! WOW!)

While this book IS named after one of my favorite activities, it’s not just about egg yolks. It’s about ALL the lies, naughty nonsense, and hilariously head-smack-worthy hijinks that made us forget what REAL FOOD really is in favor of processed “diet food” and other industrial junk.

Ever heard the following?

  • Egg yolks increase cholesterol, which causes heart disease.
  • Red meat is bad for you.
  • We should eat fewer animal products.
  • We need whole grains for healthy fiber (and to stay – ahem – regular).
  • When it comes to calories, we should be countin’ and cuttin’.

All of the above statements are total bull – and I wrote Eat the Yolks to reveal exactly why…

…and to PROVE why the very foods we’ve been told to fear are the foods we ACTUALLY need!

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Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

Eat the Yolks is not just a Paleo book. It’s a book about REAL FOOD. (With some serious classic movie references mixed in.)

This book is all the ammunition you need to PROVE that eating the yolks and ditching the dogma (and all the obesity, heart disease, and hypertension that came with it) is the only way to go!

Click here to order the book, which hits stores AND your mailbox February 2014!

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Liz Wolfe, NTP