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This week on Skincare Saturday we’re featuring our second Q&A session with the Purely Primal Skincare Team – Liz & Amanda.

We got some great questions from our Facebook followers for our new Skincare Saturday Q&A feature, and we’re answering your questions right here on the blog!  We’ll be adding some of our other FAQs to the mix to bring you even more skin care help.

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SCS QA (1)

Today’s Q: My question and concern is that Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast is not readily available and is changing. Can you recommend an alternative? Or should I buy what I can find of the old product and replace with the new when it comes out?

We recommend this particular brand of Brewer’s Yeast because it’s the only Brewer’s Yeast of its kind on the market. One of its attributes: it’s high in chromium, a nutrient we’ve found to assist in both blood sugar regulation and skin health, and it occurs with a spectrum of other nutrients (like selenium) we discussed in The Skintervention Guide that make it better than a chromium supplement!
Unfortunately, we don’t currently know of a Brewer’s Yeast alternative that has the same qualities as the Brewer’s Yeast from Lewis Labs. Lewis Labs’ was grown on non-GMO sugar beets rather than collected as a by-product of the beer (wheat) brewing process – meaning, it had no cross-contamination with gluten.
Nutritional yeast and other Brewer’s yeasts are different, and do not contain the same suite of nutrition that can benefit the skin.
Although Lewis Labs has stated that they are developing a new Brewer’s Yeast that will also be grown on a non-wheat, non-GMO medium, they have also stated that it will not be as high in chromium. Although a characteristic of Brewer’s Yeast is its chromium content, it remains to be seen whether a lower-chromium Brewer’s Yeast could be as effective as the one they will no longer sell. While other components of Brewer’s Yeast also benefit the skin, at this time, we believe that the high chromium content is “the X factor.”
Once their new Brewer’s Yeast is released, we will certainly field-test it and report back. We have no hard ship date for the new product, as they are still selling the last units of the old. Once we are able to get our hands on the new Brewer’s Yeast, we will likely test it for up to six months to gauge efficacy in skin care.
Until then, it would be wise to purchase a few backup units before they sell out. As of the date of this blog post’s publication, it appears they still have buds and flakes in stock.
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