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Happy Skincare Saturday!

We got some great questions for our Q&A feature, and we’re answering them right here on the blog. We’ll be adding some of our other FAQs to the mix to bring you even more skin and hair care help.

(For more in-depth information on each topic, be sure to check out the Purely Primal Skincare Guide.)

SCS QA (1)

 Today’s Q: I’m finally close to trying the oil cleansing method, I’m wondering if I’d have better results with one I make myself or a pre-made one, like from Fat Face, or Willow Rose. What do you think?

This truly depends! Everything from skin type to season can affect the types of oils your skin needs most.

Of course, the pre-made blends from the companies we love are excellent, but they can also be a bit more expensive. That said, blending more complex combinations yourself can also be really pricey, because you’ve got to buy all the oils!

(Note: it’s best to keep your oils out of direct light and blend your homemade concoctions in a jar like this one.)

If your skin is generally balanced, you may need something as basic and affordable as a duo of simple oils. If your skin is deeply in need of some extra nourishment, and spot testing reveals it’ll tolerate your chosen oils or blend well, you might want to opt for a pre-made blend rather than going through the trouble and expense of mixing the same oils yourself.

(On another note, that’s why we always recommend spot testing and starting slow – to make sure you’re giving your skin what it needs. Your skin will tell you!)

Personally, I love using one neutral oil (like sweet almond) plus one astringent oil (like hazelnut oil) as part of my simple OCM mix during the summer when my skin feels a bit more oily. This is a really affordable approach, since the oils I use are simple and readily available.

During the winter, I much prefer to replace hazelnut with a suite of gentle yet super-nourishing oils, like rose hip seed and argan oil, because my skin gets drier and a bit more angry thanks to the lack of natural moisture in the air and the frigid cold. Buying bottles of multiple oils for the purpose of blending my own can be more costly and labor intensive, and that’s a good time for me to consider buying pre-made blends.

So there are a few ways you can go about making this decision. You can try a few blends AND homemade concoctions and see how YOUR skin reacts. You can put cost concerns first and start with the simpler oils that are easily found at affordable prices and build from there, then decide later if you’d like to add some extra firepower from pre-made blends.

Hope this helps!