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What I want to say, more than anything, is this:

There is no ONE “ideal” body.

There is no one ideal body. There is no one ideal body. There is no one ideal body.

What we think we “should” look like is a product of social conditioning.

“Lean” or “curvy” or “skinny” or “heavy” or whatever are just words. They are relative terms. They are not judgments. They are not pejorative terms. They are not ideals. They are nothing until they are given power in our own minds.

A healthy person, whatever the shape, texture, or size, is a healthy person.

There are healthy, “lean,” “skinny” people. There are healthy “heavy” people. There are also unhealthy “lean” people who “look good naked” according to the social construct of our era. There are unhealthy “heavy” people who don’t fit the social construct of our era.

What does it all mean?

It means we should stop caring about whether we fit some arbitrary mold. It’s exhausting. It’s superficial. Let’s be the healthiest and happiest we can be – because it’s our aura that both we, ourselves AND other respond to.

That doesn’t mean learning to love what’s “wrong” with ourselves. It means realizing that there’s nothing wrong with who we are.


We cannot love ourselves or our bodies “in spite of” or “despite” anything.

I’ve fallen into this trap many times. I’ve written blog posts about how I “came to terms” with my thighs.

What the heck does that mean?

I “came to terms” with WHAT!? With my own perceived imperfections? With the fact that my thighs weren’t something that they weren’t?

I love my body, not “in spite of” my thighs. I love my body not “despite” my big butt. I love my body because it’s my body. And what could be more awesome than that?

Thanks for reading!