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Happy Skincare Saturday!

We got some great questions for our Q&A feature, and we’re answering them right here on the blog. We’ll be adding some of our other FAQs to the mix to bring you even more skin and hair care help.

(For more in-depth information on each topic, be sure to check out the Purely Primal Skincare Guide.)

SCS QA (1)

Today’s Q: If you were buying a makeup brush, would you prefer natural fiber (goat hair for example) or synthetic fiber and why?

We love all things natural, AND we also advocate the thoughtful consumption of animal products that are properly raised. However, we believe properly-raised animal products are essential for human health, and the “nose-to-tail” ethic of using the same animal that we use for food for certain skincare products – like tallow. That’s all part of our “use and respect the whole animal” idea!

However, the same can’t necessarily or verifiably be said of makeup brushes, makeup, and general cosmetics. Since these are more luxury than essential, we err on the side of synthetic fiber brushes (which are actually designed for flawless makeup application) and cruelty-free makeup such that animals don’t undergo unnecessary suffering for human luxuries.

We love these makeup brushes from 100% Pure. They are cruelty-free, antibacterial soft synthetic fiber.

It’s also important to clean your makeup brushes fairly frequently to remove dirt and bacteria. Cleaning your brushes doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, Crunchy Betty tells you exactly how to clean your brushes with only natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, castile soap, and white vinegar. You can get all the details here.

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