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Happy Skincare Saturday!

We got some great questions for our Q&A feature, and we’re answering them right here on the blog. We’ll be adding some of our other FAQs to the mix to bring you even more skin and hair care help.

(For more in-depth information on each topic, be sure to check out the Purely Primal Skincare Guide.)

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Today’s Q: Why is oil so good for the skin?

Don’t fear the oils for skincare! They’re incredibly nourishing and balancing to the skin.

Your skin naturally produces oil. And oil itself will NOT cause acne. Factors such as bacteria and hormones cause acne.

Keep in mind that oil dissolves oil. Translation: the nourishing oil you apply to your skin will help to dissolve the oil that has become clogged in your skin creating impurities. 

Now, there are a few main oils that we LOVE! They keep popping up, again and again, in the discussion about oil-based skincare. These main oils are coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and beef tallow (not technically an oil, but an animal fat). Interestingly, while these are the most popular oils, any one of them may work fabulously for one person, but not so fabulously for another!

If you’re unsure what oils are right for you, you may just need to try a few to find what works best for your skin. This IS a process of trial-and-error, just like it is with conventional products.

For some people who had lovely skin before and make a switch to a more natural routine, they can expect the adjustment to be quick. For those who have very problematic skin – as I did – it can be a very long process of gradually stepping down topical medications and gradually changing how you cleanse and care for your skin (or scalp, or nails, etc).

Spot test, spot test, spot test! I truly think that gradual change is better than ripping off the band-aid when it comes to skincare changes. We each have to remember that our unique experiences, what we’re dealing with, what we used previously, and what our goals are factor in to the process of change.

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