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This week on Skincare Saturday we decided to kick off our first (of many!) Q&A sessions with the Skintervention Team – Liz & Amanda.

We got some great questions from our Facebook followers for our new Skincare Saturday Q&A feature, and we’re answering your questions right here on the blog!  We’ll be adding some of our other FAQs to the mix to bring you even more skin care help.

For more in-depth information on each topic, be sure to check out the Purely Primal Skincare Guide.

SCS QA (1)

Today’s Q: How can I help minimize dark under-eye circles and puffiness?

This is a great question! There are a few reasons people often have a hard time dealing with under-eye circles and puffiness. First off, we often think they’re manifestations of the exact same problem – we think that being over-tired or stressed causes our under-eye area to puff up and/or take on a dark cast. While this is partially true – being tired can lead to these issues – it’s not the whole story. (In fact, being tired is often just another downstream consequence of the true underlying problem!)

Second, we often think that topical strategies will solve the problem – we cover under-eye circles with makeup and use cool compresses to tame puffiness. But while these strategies offer temporary relief, they don’t address the root of the problem!

Dark under-eye circles, in reality, usually signal something different than what your under-eye puffiness tells you. Dark under-eye circles are usually a result of extreme stress resulting in digestive problems, and as a corollary, immune system disturbance or what Nutritional Therapists call “allergic tension.” This simply means that your body is stressed, and your immune system may be working in over-drive. The best way to approach under-eye circles is with digestive support and gut healing as outlined in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide (surprise! It’s not just concealer that does the job!), which will help heal your gut – where allergic tension first rears its ugly head. And, of course, you need a diet rich in skin-loving nutrients and free of common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy. You may also want to determine any other potential food allergies.

Dark circles can also occur as a result of the aging process, as skin becomes more delicate and transparent. You absolutely can help correct this with great nutrition, focusing specifically on including gelatin-rich broths and vitamin C-rich items like lemon juice – try our ginger-lemon morning tonic.

Under-eye puffiness can manifest as a result of poor circulation or poor bodily elimination processes – most often, traditional Chinese medicine views under-eye puffiness as an imbalance in the kidneys. If the body is over-burdened with processing the stressful by-products of a poor diet, stress, or unidentified food allergies, this may affect your kidneys, your liver, and your gall bladder significantly, and this will become apparent on the outside. (If you have excessive mucus production or feel you’re always clearing your throat, or that you must breathe out of your mouth often, this is you!)

One of the first outer approaches I like, in addition to a nutrient-rich diet free of allergens and full of digestive support, is the practice of dry brushing and facial lymph massage.

Finally, I (Liz) have begun to learn a bit about a concept called mechanobiology from reading the insights of the incredible Katy Bowman. (This does not imply her endorsement of this blog, but I do encourage all to learn from her site!) I now believe that appropriate motion and movement in daily life is critical to our cells’ ability to heal and accept good nutrition. I believe, more than ever, that how we move can impact the health of our skin and our outward glow. This doesn’t mean hammering your body with a workout (this can cause more stress); it means natural movement done naturally. Play! Dance. (Seriously – put on a nerdy song and dance around.) Walk and observe the world around you. The “loads” (Katy’s term) you create on your cells through motion can change how your cells function, and this can certainly impact the skin.

Don’t be overwhelmed! As with anything, change can be taken in small bites. Check out the Purely Primal Skincare Guide for lots more guidance!

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