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{Fix your skin. Naturally!}

Those that have the Purely Primal Skincare Guide know how much I love nourishing oils.

I love them for the skin, the hair, and even the teeth (I brush my teeth with the Orawellness oil blend, in addition to morning oil pulling.)

I love the hair oil treatments from Tropical Traditions and Dragonfly Traditions, to name a few. 

I’ll put just about anything on my head, provided it’s natural and I think it’ll nourish my hair and scalp. Ghee? Why not! Olive oil? Sure! Neem oil? Don’t worry about the smell – that means it’s working! Honey, milk, Apple Cider Vinegar (why do I always feel the need to capitalize that?), avocado, homemade mayo, egg yolks…it’s all been on my dome.

And, for the most part, it’s all been lovely.

But there’s one “oil treatment” that is simply beyond incredible. It leaves my hair so soft, I can’t stop running my fingers through it. I can’t stop marveling at the results. I literally can’t stop forcing my husband to “pet my hair.” (Sorry, honey.)

What is it?

It’s the natural, self-made oil from my very own scalp.

Sound weird? It’s not. In fact, our bodies produce this oil for a reason: it’s exactly what our hair and scalp need.

Now, I’m not suggesting we start harvesting scalp oil to sell on the black market. (Although, who knows? In the words of Randy, Samantha Baker’s best friend in Sixteen Candles, “it could be highly profitable.”)

All I’m suggesting is: let’s wash our hair less so we can nourish it more. Allow some of those nourishing oils to build up now and then. When you finally wash, you’ll notice softness that’s different and more natural than you could imagine.

The screenshot below (from this video) shows my hair in a just-washed state, after a week of letting the natural oils nourish my locks. Not bad, right? (Watch the video for more views.)

natural oil treatment.jpg

Thanks to the balance that “No Poo” has afforded my hair and scalp, I don’t need to wash my hair but a few times each week, and even then it hasn’t reached that delightful peak of greasiness; so for me, this means letting it go unwashed for a good week.

During this time, I make sure to brush my hair gently every day with a boar-bristle brush (you can find one here) to distribute the oils, and I’ll do a nice scalp massage with my fingers as well. I’ll even do a water-only wash if I’m especially dirty, which will get rid of everything but the natural oils.

This gives my scalp and hair a break from regular washing, and, once washed again, my hair is indescribably soft.

Now, I work from home, so unless I’m trying to impress our goats, I don’t worry too much about looking a bit…unwashed. But for those who need to hide their showerlessness, I’ve got two words for you.

Sock. Bun.

The sock bun is one of the greatest inventions ever gifted upon humanity. Here’s an instructional video (that’s not me, but it’s a great vid – ignore the conventional hair products, though; they’re not necessary)…and you can find my absolute all-time favorite “Hot Bunz” tool – which makes it soooo much easier – here, or at most Walgreens.

I’m rockin’ a sock bun (I used the “Hot Bunz” tool) in the photo below, from my Instagram account.

Sock Bun

I was at least 5 days deep into my “natural oil treatment” when these photos were taken. Hair was a bit shiny, but not dirty-looking.

And since I know not everyone is too lazy to get a haircut has long, sock-bunnable hair, I highly recommend you just plan to go unwashed over a nice, long weekend. Hide out, binge-watch Game of Thrones or read a good book, and enjoy the conditioning benefits of your scalp’s own nourishing oil.

Thanks for reading!