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Happy Skincare Saturday!

Don’t miss your chance to win some amazing goodies at the end of this post!

When an awesome company comes along that uses sound ingredients and ethical practices, we love sharing their work with you.

We’re thrilled to announce this month’s skincare favorite: Willow Rose!

4591566437_315x220Kellie, the founder of Willow Rose, suffered from eczema for years. Through adapting a more natural approach to skincare, Kellie was able to heal her eczema. Eventually she began to make her own organic body care products. Thus Willow Rose was born!

Each Willow Rose product is handmade by Kellie, and uses only the finest ingredients. (She’s even willing to do custom orders based on your specific needs if desired.)

We love their cleansers and tonics, and we’re especially in love with Willow Rose’s tallow balm with tea tree and lavender!

If you’ve been around the Purely Primal Skincare community for awhile, you know we’re big fans of tallow-based skincare. What’s tallow? Quite simply, tallow is rendered fat. Back in “the day,” our grandparents regularly cooked in animal fats – pork lard and beef tallow were staples in most kitchens, often from animals raised right on their own farms. And wouldn’t you know it? These fats, despite what we’ve been told, are actually healthy. (If you don’t believe us, check out Liz’s myth-busting book!)

Thankfully, the real food movement is helping to get these heart-healthy, natural fats from properly-raised animals back into our diets. Tallow, specifically, is loaded with cancer-fighting CLA (Congulated Linoleic Acid), heart-healthy omega-3′s, and Vitamin K2.

Just as it’s good for your diet, tallow is also good for your skin. True moisturizers (like grass-fed tallow) are like the good, healthy foods you eat each day. They provide a solid foundation for long-term skin health. And they’re tried-and-true remedies: they’ve been used for centuries!

Tallow is incredibly nourishing to your skin, and especially beneficial during the dry, winter months. It helps with a variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and even acne scarring.

Animal products are generally the MOST neutral and LEAST reactive for human skin. Tallow is incredible for skincare, and it helps retain hydration in the skin. But not all tallow is created equal, which is why we recommend only responsibly-sourced products like those from Willow Rose.

The Willow Rose skincare line isn’t just limited to tallow, though – be sure to check out all Willow Rose has to offer!

We feel good about the standards that Willow Rose holds for their skin & body care products. We highly recommend all of their products!

Here’s your chance to win!   500.jpgWe’re giving away (2) prize packs – each valued at $75.

(Our winners will choose desired prize pack based on skin type. Each prize pack includes tallow balm with tea tree and lavender, facial cleanser, and tonic.)

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