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Last year, as I finished up the Purely Primal Skincare Guide, I spent most of my time in the suburbs of Philadelphia. “Spending time outside” meant taking a long walk through the park, working in the yard, or playing with my dog.

I considered myself an active person. I’ve never been afraid to sweat, work hard, or get my hands dirty. I didn’t shy away from a hard workout where the chalk and dust from a CrossFit gym made its way onto my clothes – and into my pores.

I had my personal skin care routine figured out. I knew how to effectively, naturally, and gently clear all that gunk from my pores, nourish my skin and keep my skin balanced and happy.

And then, life changed. A lot.

And it changed for the better. You see, we moved to the country. 15 acres, a barn, goats, chickens, guinea fowl, stray puppies, barn cats, and all the bugs, grime, sweat, dust, dirt, and sunshine a gal could ask for. It has been amazing.

I traded this outfit:

For this one:

Of course, the Guinea fowl isn’t officially a part of that second outfit. But the boots, the tick-protective pants tucked into high, thickly-woven socks, the long-sleeved shirt that protects my arms from cuts while clearing brush (and proudly shouts my NFL affiliation) and the tied-back hair are what I rock these days. It’s been an amazing adventure, full of lessons about homesteading, my goals, and myself.

And, as far as skin care goes, it’s been a totally different ball game.

It’s one thing to have some dirt and grime under your fingernails from a tough workout or some yard work. It’s quite another to have all the residue from a day of barn repairs, stall mucking, goat hoof trimming, dusty gusts of wind, sweat, humidity, natural bug repellents, and grime settled into your pores.

While the Oil Cleansing Method can take care of almost any cleansing concern in modern life, I’ve got to confess: I’m not exactly in a modern way right now. I’m a proud old-school homesteader making a go on a little farm of our own.

Luckily, I’ve got the nutrition and the digestive wellness components of skin care down pat. I’ve kept up with those parts, in keeping with my recommendations in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide. No worries there. I healed my hormonal acne, my internal inflammation, my eczema, and my skin problems for good (you can too)!

But my challenge these days is cleansing effectively yet gently when, in effect, I have to deep-deep-clean every single day. The homestead doesn’t take a break, so I can’t either.

Where I preach minimalism in many ways – not being aggressive with the skin care routine, and aiming for less instead of more – there’s a reality here that I can’t escape: every single day I’ve got to clean up, and I’ve got to clean up GOOD.

I need powerful, deep pore cleansing and detoxification, for one. But I need it to be gentle. I need to de-stink, de-grime and de-bug. I need safe hair care free of unnecessary chemicals, but I need it darn near every day (No Poo, a routine I’ve advocated and continue to use, is one that lends itself perfectly to less cleansing, not daily deep cleaning, and I’ve gone from needing to shower just three days a week to needing a good scrub every night).

So I’ve got a few things I’m working on, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I’m discovering some incredible ways to deep-clean on a regular basis without stripping the skin, and without irritation. (Some things haven’t changed, though, like using this soothing toner.) For other folks in similar situations, these tips will be major! Stay tuned.

I know I’m not the only one who’s in this situation – so if you’ve got tips or tricks, leave them on the Facebook page!

Thanks for reading – here’s to crushing life’s skin care curveballs!