If you’ve purchased the Purely Primal Skincare Guide and are having trouble accessing and downloading the files, follow these steps:

Remember, files are NOT emailed to you. You must save them from a page that only YOU can access. You receive your access to this page after submitting and completing your order through ClickBank (the payment processor).

STEP ONE: Double-check your order

Make sure you clicked the “Complete Your Order” button at time of purchase. If you don’t remember doing so, skip to STEP TWO.

HelpPhoto1 Support

Help Photo #1

If you DID click “Complete Your Order” on the above page, you should have been directed to the page below. From there, you must click on all three red buttons to download them. If you’re on a desktop or laptop computer, when you click, they will probably save to your “Downloads” folder, or another folder you’ve already chosen.

STEP TWO: Verify the download process by re-trying


Locate your “Receipt for your ClickBank Order” Email. This email will verify that your purchase was successful. If you cannot find your emailed receipt, CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER or double-check whether you could have used an alternate (work or personal) email address to purchase.

Your emailed receipt will tell you your order number AND provide two links to re-access your files. It looks like this:

HelpPhoto3 Support

Help Photo #3

If you click on either of the re-download links in your email (circled above), you will see the screen below. From there, you can find your order number again, have a receipt re-sent, AND re-download your files in the same manner shown in HELP PHOTO #2.

HelpPhoto4 Support

Help Photo #4

If you’re still not able to re-access your files, move on to Step Three.

STEP THREE: Double-check your download through the ClickBank website

Visit ClickBank Customer Support by clicking here. You will see the screen below.

Clickbank Customer Support Page Support


Do the following:

1. Enter your order number (found in your receipt email from Clickbank – refer to Step Two) in the Order Lookup box.
2. Enter one of the other verification indicators listed on the Order Lookup box. (Either the email address from the order, or the last four digits of the card used to purchase, or the PayPal Transaction ID if the purchase was made with funds from the customer’s PayPal account.)
3. Click the “Submit” button.

You will see the same Order Detail page as in Help Photo #4. Click on the Download Now! link on the upper right-hand portion of the screen. 

iPad & KINDLE Help Tips

The Purely Primal Skincare Guide comes packaged as a ZIP file for security purposes, and to view on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or other device, it just needs to be “un-zipped!” 

You have several EASY options for “un-zipping!”

  • Option 1) Download the files to your desktop or laptop first. Your desktop/laptop will “un-zip” the files for you automatically (just click on them!) and you can move them, import them, or email them to any device you choose!If you need to re-access your files to make this happen, simply click on the link in your Clickbank receipt (instructions here). You can access your files as many times as needed this way!
  • Option 2) Download a nifty App to your device that enables you to unzip files directly from your device!For tech lovers, I highly recommend GoodReader. (It’s cloud-compatible too!) 
  • Option 3) Send a message with your Clickbank Order number (found on your receipt) via the “Ask” page and un-zipped files will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible. (Please note that this may take slightly longer than the other self-help options!)

iPhone Tips

This product has a lot of text, and can therefore be inconvenient for iPhone use. However, you can download the same apps listed above for iPhones.

If none of this helps, you can open a ticket with ClickBank.

Here’s how: Click on the links shown in Help Photo #3. You will be taken to the Order Detail page pictured in Help Photo #4.

Click on the Get Support link pictured (circled in blue) in Help Photo #6, below.

HelpPhoto6 Support

Help Photo #6

You will see the following screen, and can create a support ticket with ClickBank.

Support Ticket Support

Help Photo #7

Still stuck? Click here to contact us, we’re happy to help!