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I’ve been there.

Staring into the mirror at the landscape of my face. Squeezing, stretching, picking.


Beautiful Healthy Woman  Frightened Saw In The Mirror Acne And W

Being frustrated with my skin was a daily thing. I envied those with naturally flawless complexions and wondered why, no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to change – or if something did improve, some other problem would take its place.

Then I realized: there is more than one component to healthy skin. Good food, healthy digestion and a smart skincare routine are important. Removing toxins from our diet, supporting the body systems that flush them out, and never adding more toxins from the outside are absolutely critical steps.

But there is something even more important that we forget:

Self-judgment is toxic to the skin.

Sound hokey and hippy-dippy? It’s not. Emotions are provento affect us physically. Negative emotions, including self-judgment, stress the body profoundly. This can drive immunological problems, which are often manifested in the quality and resiliency of the skin. In the Purely Primal Skincare Guide, I phrase it like this:

…regardless of what’s stressing us and whether it’s emotional or physical, the body responds in the same way: it becomes less healthy, less able to deal with insults, and less able to filter toxins.

Some people feel as if their emotional stress isn’t real or meaningful. But it is! An emotional “fight” can be as destructive as a physical one.”

The bottom line is: radiant skin is a reflection of a peaceful mind as much as it is a representation of a healthy body. Beauty is the reflection and the expression of health, both mental and physical. The great new is: you ARE in control!

So what to do? You must simply choose, moment-by-moment. 

CHOOSE not to lean in close to that mirror to pick and give power to every bump or blemish. Know that the process of healing and fortifying your body and skin is progressing, and have confidence in your choice to nourish yourself inside and out!

CHOOSE to act lovingly toward yourself by refusing thoughts of self-judgment. When a negative thought creeps in, simply say – out loud, if needed – “Next!” (Or, if you’re like me, say “ain’t nobody got time for that!”)

I promise, this act of love toward youself will be reflected in your complexion!

Thanks for reading!