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I’ve talked a bit recently about how life has changed a bit for me.


Okay. Life has changed a lot. Going from city to farm is a pret-ty big change!


The overwhelming truth when it comes to skin care: your needs will change with the changes in your life. What worked before might not be perfect later. And you may have to make some adjustments.


love the process of figuring this stuff out, and I’ve been having fun testing new items and strategies – as natural and effective as ever – that work for this phase of my life. Of course, I’ll keep everyone updated!


And here’s the first update: while I’ve never been keen to recommend traditional soaps, I’ve found that the farm life demands a daily wash-down that is best done with a fabulous, true soap that can dissolve grime while still maintaining the skin’s natural protective oils. I didn’t think I’d ever find a soap like this – and I’ve tried lots of soaps.


Then I found Wash of the Day soaps. They are unparalleled – and fabulous! (And they smell AMAZING too.)


These aren’t just perfect for farm girls, even though that’s what led me to love them. These soaps are gentle and effective enough for anyone!


If you’ve been missing your soaps, but worried you’d never find one that didn’t strip your skin, this is your answer.


Added bonus: Wash of the Day soaps are responsibly and conscientiously created by a small company whose owner I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with on multiple occasions. I’m proud to support them!


And I’m excited that Wash of the Day has agreed to do a giveaway! Entry is SO easy – just see below!


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