What’s an affiliate link?

Thank you for stopping by the Skintervention Guide blog! You may notice an asterisk* before certain items we talk about on this blog. These items are “affiliate links.”

The purpose of affiliate links are simple: if you click through and, eventually, make a purchase having been referred from this website, we get credit for that sale! Depending on the affiliate program, we may get “store credit” or we may earn a small percentage of the sale itself.

Items sold through affiliate links are NOT marked up. Purchasing through those links passes NO costs along to you whatsoever.

Further, we NEVER recommend a product just because it is backed by an affiliate program. In fact, many of the products and brands we recommend have no associated affiliate program at all.

Purchasing through an affiliate link is a simple, easy way to support our efforts to spread the word about non-toxic skin care and healing. It defrays the cost of website hosting and site management, both of which help bring readers the best experience possible.

Our promise: We NEVER link to products unless we believe in them, love them, or regularly use them. We often link to products on Amazon, simply because nearly everyone, everywhere can easily order from Amazon.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your support!

Liz & Amanda